Concierge service for luxury cars

Luxury Car Consulting has been founded by Christophe Vionnet.
His career began in 1995 in the automotive industry as an apprentice with Renault and Citroën, then in aeronautics as a helicopter technician where mechanical techniques and skills were taught.
He then continued his career at BMW-MINI for eleven years as a technician, responsible for guarantees, then after-sales service advisor.
Despite having a successful career at BMW-MINI, his goal from an early age was to work in luxury automobiles.

With unwavering determination, he was able to make his dream come true in 2015 by becoming a technician at Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin and Sport Classic in Geneva.
Over time, he enriched his skills by working on brands such as Lamborghini, Bentley and many more.
In 2017, the Geneva dealership became the first Swiss dealership to represent the Koenigsegg brand.
He then took intensive training at the Koenigsegg factory in Sweden and became a certified technician, discovering a real passion for Supercars and more particularly for the manufacturer Koenigsegg.
With the support of his wife, also passionated about the automotive world and more particularly the manufacturer BMW, for which she worked as a sales consultant.

Automotive knowledge and experience have enabled him to identify the fair value of each car.
Realizing that these gems of technology needed special attention, the idea of ​​offering permanent monitoring to these luxury vehicles came to him.
Luxury Car Consulting was born.


Christophe Vionnet


Evlyne Vionnet